OSSTF – ESS President’s Report November 27, 2014

Attendance Management

There has been a change in practice for attendance management.  The Attendance Officers send letters to people who have had more than 9 absences in 12 rolling working months.  The principal is not involved at all and there is no preliminary meeting.  Members are asked to review their absences for errors and are told a goal is set for them of no more than 3 absences in 90 working days.

Clearly we have sick days and, if we are sick, we need to use the days.  Being in the attendance management program should not mean that we don’t use sick days – it means we should be aware of the number of days we are using.

Unfilled Jobs

There continue to be unfilled jobs every day.  The Board and the Union are working hard to come up with a solution.  The unfilled job issue is causing the Board concern in granting unpaid leaves.  While the Board must grant leaves for permanent people who meet the timelines, there is no similar obligation for replacement people.

Return to Work Plans

Every year we have members who have return to work plans facilitated by the Board – this may be due to an illness or injury or a work-related injury.  The Board normally requires a Functional Abilities Form (FAF) from the member’s healthcare provider that describes limitations and restrictions and may include a graduated re-entry.  The FAF may also requested to support an immediate return to full time full duties.  The Board has the right to request an FAF.  The Board does not have the right to know a diagnosis or treatment plan.

Retirement Workshop

We had a great turn out for out retirement planning workshop on November 12.  Lynn Burke and Mark Norman from the Board started the evening talking about gratuities and benefits.  Following supper, Jack Jones, from OSSTF Provincial Office, walked us through our OMERS pension.

Pay Schedule for 10 Members for EI

All 5 of the paid holidays will be paid in the first week of the Christmas Break as follows:

Paid day                       Observed

Dec. 24                         Dec 24

Dec 25                          Dec 25

Dec 26                          Dec 26

Dec 31                          Dec 22

Jan 1                            Dec 23


Inclement Weather

Everyone should have received information and expectations of staff in inclement weather.  The complete Administrative Procedure (AP 178) can be found on First Class – Ed Centre, Information and Resources, Admin Procedures.  Here is the section of the AP that addresses expectations for staff.

Collective Bargaining

The new legislated process of collective bargaining is proving to be exceptionally slow.  I would hope that it is because they are trying to get it right.  Unfortunately I believe it is because there are too many players in the game.  At the central table for OSSTF support staff there are representatives from the English and French Public School Boards, the English and French Catholic School Boards, the Trustees Association and the government – facing the OSSTF bargainers.

We cannot prepare to bargain locally until there is a decision on which items will be provincially bargained – and that looks like it will sometime in the late spring.

Any questions or concerns – please contact me.

Mary-Jane Karkheck



519 527-0364

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