2014 – 2017 Collective Agreement

2018-2019 Constitution

ESS Executive and Council 2017-

President: Dayna Lambier
VP/Grievance Officer: Trina McBride
Secretary: Tenille (Cranston) Doucet
Communications Officer: Diana Doctor
Educational Services Officer: Tenille (Cranston) Doucet
EA Workgroup Rep.: Ilene Blackman
Office/Clerical Workgroup Rep.: TBA
Tech/TRA Workgroup Rep.: Tina Pruden
DECE Workgroup Rep.: Carrie deGraaf
EA Health & Safety Officer: Trish Wickhorst
OCT/ECE Health & Safety Officer: Carrie deGraaf
EA Councillors:
Debbie Blum
Andrea Horton
Carol Rice
Lee Ann Shaw
Diana Steep
Robin Van de Gevel
Sarah Jardine
Technical Councillors:

Cheryl Rader
TBA (4)

Technical Temp: TBA
Office/Clerical Rep.: Noelle Newton
TBA (4)
Office/Clerical Temp.: Joanne Wallace
DECE Councillors:
Megan Anderson
Michelle Blake
Joy Bowman
Diane Wein
Nancy Sass
Paula Stockhouse
CYW Councillors: TBA (5)
Provincial Executive Liaison: Paul Caccamo
Provincial Secretariat Liaison: Peter Tumey


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