Teachers’ Bargaining Unit

2014 – 2017 Collective Agreements

Click on the links below to view the collective agreements.  New collective agreements will be delivered to the membership in the fall.  These are the official documents, minus the signatures, which are in force until a new collective agreement is ratified following the next round of bargaining.

2014-2017 Contract Teacher Collective Agreement

2014-2017 Occasional Teacher Collective Agreement

The Teachers’ Bargaining Unit of OSSTF District 8 is made up of approximately 400 Regular and Continuing Education Secondary School Teachers and 160 occasional Teachers who teach in 9 secondary schools and the Board Office.

Teachers’ Bargaining Unit Executive 2016-2017

The Bargaining Unit has an Executive made up of 5 Members elected by the membership at large plus five other Branch, Committee or Council appointed Members. The Executive meets as required.

Executive Position Name Workplace Workplace Phone (519)
President Jeff Denys District Office 527-0364  x 2
Vice President John Clarke GDCI 524-7353
Vice President Terry Barton CHSS 482-3471
Federation Officer Dale Greenwood District Office 527-0364 x 3
Treasurer Martina Aisenpreis FEMADILL 357-1800
Secretary Alice Sikma GDCI 524-7353
Communications Officer Conrad Kuiper CHSS 482-3471
Educational Services Officer Paula Bentley AMDEC 482-5428
Collective Bargaining Chair Terry Barton CHSS 482-3471
OT  Branch President
Health and Safety Officer Kirk Gregory DCVI 284-1731
PE Liason –
Harvey Bischof Provincial Office 1-800-267-7867
Secretariat Liason –
Tony Stokes Provincial Office 1-800-267-7867

Teachers’ Council

Meetings Dates for 2016-2017
October 13
December 1
February 9
March 23
April 20
June 15

Excellence In Education Banquet
May 4, 2017
Annual General Meeting
May 9, 2017

Branch Reps

President CHSS Joel Gilbert
Vice President CHSS Conrad Kuiper
President FEMSS Martina Aisepreis
Vice President FEMSS Ryan Johnston
President GDCI John Clarke
Vice President GDCI Wes Morley
President LDSS Jim Geiger
Vice President LDSS Liz Hickling
President MDHS Adam Agar
Vice President MDHS Ed Havenga
President SMDCVI Kirk Gregory
Vice President SMDCVI Sue Hushen
President SHDHS Roger Dougall
Vice President SHDHS Stephen Arenburg
President SCSS Graham Leitch
Vice President SCSS Nick Armstrong
President SNSS David Redfern
Vice President SNSS Cynthia Stone
President Adult/Cont. Ed Marita Taylor & Brittany O’Brien
President Occasional Teachers
Vice President Occasional Teachers Will Copeman

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